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My Youtube Learned Counting! by Fluttershy-Lover
My Youtube Learned Counting!
I personally don't care about how many subscribers I have. Youtube views count for more than ones subscription number. But in any case, I thought it was a funny number.

It's Free Membership Day Once More~!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 11:56 AM
  • Mood:  In Love~
  • Listening to: Prelude To the Grove, On Hold, and My Roommate is a 'Bassist' - By YourEnigma
  • Reading: My Skype Chats
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  • Eating: Ramen Noodle Soup, beef and chicken flavor mix.
  • Drinking: Water
    (Does Anyone Even Care?)

So a few years went by, I can kiss a bunch of old friendships goodbye as they give me the finger and fly out the window. Friends I used to call Family or Lovers now all a distant memory. You don't talk to them for a while and suddenly everything feels different about them, like there is something wrong with who they are now and who they used to be. I managed to save a few relationships and gain a bunch of new infinitely better ones.

I still sit and wonder if I should have done something different or if I did all I could and they where the ones looking to kill the relationship, to hell if I know anymore. All I can say is Goodbye and Good luck my old friends, Sergeant Sprinkles, Everlight Helios, Zanator, Sunshine Stars (he was horrible anyway) , Shansai, Angel Hearts/Julia, and finally Windows Hooves. I still manage to hang onto the good ones, Testdummy/Testcrash my sweetest child~, Syan Streak my second brother, Dusk Daze, Shadow Ice, and Cinnamon Hearts.

I have some new friends who are my entire life now, Jaxtal, Tollpanzer, Jaxler, Fallen Wings, Aurora Dash, Balthazar, John (he's very recent) and a few other friendly ponies I can have a conversation with in a group. As my entire life seems to be a roller coaster it comes to no surprise my emotions do the same, sometimes at random for no reason, and most times completely understandable. I'm still happy and I love all my friends who all do all sorts of things for me, as I return favors back at them from time to time. But today my love is Fluttershy~ as my emotions shift so do my needs. One day I want my great friend Tollpanzer and his sexy mare OC Candybuzz~. Or maybe I'll want to cuddle up a filly or two from Jaxtal or Testdummy~ but today I ask Tollpanzer to Roleplay as Fluttershy so I can have my day and relax with her~. This is the premise of my days recently, going from lovely mare to another in one big happy palygamy and incest based family~. We're all know about our relationships, so no cheating here!

To wrap it all up I'm looking into finishing up my Drivers License (Never get your drivers license in New York State, they nickle and dime you while making it really hard to get a damn license!) and eventually get to move to Vancouver, Washington State for the North West Railroad Academy railroad training, WISH ME LUCK! (And Happy Fluttershy Themed Journal Free Membership Day!) 


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Silver Streak
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United States
My birthday badge

Fluttershy and Silver Streak relax on a Cloud by Fluttershy-Lover

First off I'm a huge fan of North American trains, I video tape them, work on them, and collect models of them in my spare time. I am an artist of the mind, an extremely free thinker with morals about what is right and what is wrong. I achieved inner peace some time ago and can now imagine and create a vivid reality of my own design or incorporate things I've seen in this world into my own reality in my mind. In laymen 's terms, I'ma good thinker. I live in Ponyville with my friends. Its a good life, and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I do best with traditional pencil art and I'll also take request's if anyone is interested, I specialize in drawing Vehicles and I'm slowly getting better at drawing ponies. I'm also a little bit of an art critic so I will be more than happy to see your drawings and tell you my opinion. In a way I owe my becoming a Brony to my friend Amethyst-fang, he's more like a brother than a friend to me. P.S. Fluttershy is best pony, all who disagree get the stare.
Fluttershy Stare by Noteworthypony
No not that one, this one.
Fluttershy - Cute - Color by Ambris
Don't resist, just embrace the ever cute Fluttershy :D


FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR AND ASK ME QUESTIONS!!!.....if you want to that is


More information about me
Thank You Pony Creator by Fluttershy-Lover My OC Ponies Cutie Mark by Fluttershy-Lover
I'll start off with my physical attribute's. I am a large Pegasus pony, about the size of Princess Celestia except a bit shorter and more muscular, with a pure silver mane and tail, they have been know to shine in the sun every now and again and I like to keep them short. My eye's are Silver, my coat is dark Grey, my Cutie Mark looks like a Silver speeding locomotive with two Silver lightning bolts in front of it. I'm extremely strong and a powerful flyer, I can't fly as fast as Rainbow Dash but can still fly fast due to my powerful wings. I can pull, push, or lift really heavy things with ease and always try to do it efficiently. My average day consists of waking up at 6AM, trotting to the Ponyville Train Station, pulling the "Silver Streak" commuter train between Mane-hatten, Ponyville, and Canterlot single hoof-idly (accept for the other engineer pony that applies the trains breaks when needed), then going home at 7PM. I will be writing a story about my life and adventures in Equestria soon, but for now this is all I'm going to reveal about myself. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, any and all questions will be accepted without judgment and be answered truthfully.



Currently my specialty is Vehicles. Cars, Boats, Planes, and especially Trains. If you want me to draw ponies though, I should warn you I'm not all to good at it. All request's will be free of charge, all you have to do is explain in great detail what you want and I'll do my best to make it happen. Here is a few examples of my average skill level
Silver Streak lends a helping hoof by Fluttershy-Lover An Airplane for a friend by Fluttershy-Lover Owtar's Battle Boat by Fluttershy-Lover
If you like them then shoot me your idea and I'll do my best.


Also, I'm currently taking requests from anypony interested in having their pony creator OC customized or want a Cutie Mark added to their pony, they're free of coarse, just send me a note. Here are some customized OC's I worked on:
Snare Redlight by Fluttershy-LoverSyan Streak Hearts by Fluttershy-LoverAmbition (Amethyst Fang Dark Side) by Fluttershy-Lover

And here are a few Cutie Marks I've made:
Zanator's Cutie Mark by Fluttershy-LoverZephyros's Cutie Mark by Fluttershy-LoverThunder Bolts Cutie Mark by Fluttershy-Lover



I like/love everypony in Equestria, but here are my top 10 favorite ones in order.

#1 Fluttershy (like you didn't see that one coming)
#2 AppleJack
#3 Twilight Sparkle
#4 Pinkie Pie
#5 Rarity
#6 Big Macintosh
#7 Derpy Hooves
#8 Discord
#9 Rainbow Dash
#10 Gilda


My most favorite shippings are...

#1 SilverShy (Silver Streak + Fluttershy)(my lover for another lifetime)Cuddle with Fluttershy by Fluttershy-Lover

#1.4 SilverGlove (My OC Silver Streak + Jaxtalmk3's OC Foxglove)Foxglove Glomps (Digitalized) by Fluttershy-Lover
Jax is currently not a member of DA, also the relationship between these two switches from time to time. She was originally Silver's good friend, but in recent events has become his Marefriend/Lover while also holding a second relationship as his daughter solely for fun super glomps

#1.8 SilverDummy (My OC Silver Streak + :icontoxodin:'s OC, TestDummy) Comm: Testdummy by secret-pony
As a Father/Daughter relationship (she's adopted)

#2 PinkieFang (Pinkie Pie + :iconamethyst-fang:'s OC Amethyst Fang) Heaven Sent/Uncolored by Amethyst-Fang

#3 OctiScratch (Vinyl Scratch + Octavia) Snuggles by kindalkaykay

#4 CheeriMac (Cheerilee + Big Macintosh) BM x C pic by Asikku

#5 Dislestia (Discord + Princess Celestia) :thumb458653896:
He just wanted to have some fun, he wasn't hurting anypony.

#6 DerpyWhooves (Doctor Whooves + Derpy Hooves) Whooves with a view by saturnspace

#7 Scootaloo + Rainbow Dash Scootaloo Dash hug avatar by DNFTT2014
As a two sisters kind of relationship

#8 Sparity (Spike + Rarity) Nuzzles by schwarzekatze4


Did I over do it a bit with all the pictures? Vector - Fluttershrug V2 by Sakaki709 Oh well....


Also, hit me up on YouTube if your interested. Peace out my fellow Bronies.
Epic Brohoof by Mixermike622

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